Fine-tune can not exceed $15 during free trial,do this means i have to spend $15 dollars when im in paid plan?

ok . so this problem appeard when i m finetuneing .i searched through this community and the answers are telling me to upgrade to paid account .then the problem will be resolved .
but .
what is the meaning of exceed $15.
does this means i am gonna pay 15 dollars for a experimental model?
that is unaffordable for me !
can someone tell me the answer .
or if I am gonna pay $15 .how do a get to train a free model for experiment?

It just means that even if you have $20 in free trial credits, you are only allowed to use $15 worth of credits on fine-tuning. If you want to fine-tune something with a cost of more than $15, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to do so.

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