File-search attachment helper not working

Hi all,

I’m testing out the file-search tool for the assistants API. I’ve followed the docs, i.e. pretty much step 4 of this:

Before running the thread and pointing to a specific assistant.

The response I keep getting is “It appears that no PDF file has been uploaded. Please upload the document you are referring to”. I can see the document in the ‘Storage’ pane, under files. But not under any vector store.

My understanding was, that by passing:

        "role": "user",
        "content": f"{prompt}",
        "attachments": [
            { "file_id":, "tools": [{"type": "file_search"}] }

I would be utilising a helper that will create a vector store automatically from my file.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? Or knows of a fix?

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