Feature Request: Selling Fine-tuning Services


I think would make sense as a long-term feature to have a place, not only to sell trained Models but also to sell the Fine-tuning behind it. For example, a Fine-tuning with all the laws in a country can be Fine-tuning on top of another model with all the tax regimes.

Surely was something already thought, but it never hurts to mention it here.

Thank you!


This sounds like a regular service you’d contract someone to get. For example, what are you doing with the laws? Are you looking up specific laws and loopholes? Are you writing laws? Are you double checking a contract for possible mistakes? Or making quizzes for law students? These are all very different kinds of data, even from the same sources.

Hello, sorry for the delay.

I’m not doing this, was just a parallel example regarding training. We are training several models in an agnostic way, and I could sell “the training and certain result” let’s say.

It’s worth it for the future I think