Feature request: search through previous chats

Often, I will have a have conversation with ChatGPT, then 3 days later I want to go back to it to see what was discussed. But since I have had so many conversations since then, I can’t easily find it. If I could search through it, ideally exactly like discord search with word highlighting and live filtering, that would make my life a lot easier.

Hey! I made a product that has the search feature you asked for. Visit betterai.tech. It also has more cool features like switching models during chats, pay-as-you-go pricing, and editing ChatGPT responses. Please take a look!

This functionality actually does exist in the iOS app. Can’t comment on whether it also exists in the Android app (I would assume that it does?), but yeah, it is weird that the same functionality doesn’t exist on the main website.

Using this feature is basically the only time I use the iOS app. Tap the upper-left hand corner, then a “Search” box appears. And it’s surprisingly quite good.