Feature Request: Option to Copy Text as RTF in ChatGPT iPad App

I am a frequent user of the ChatGPT iPad app, and I greatly appreciate the functionality and convenience it provides. However, I have encountered a challenge when copying text from the app to other applications, such as Microsoft Teams on the iPad.

Currently, when I copy text from the ChatGPT app, it is copied in Markdown format. This causes formatting issues, particularly with bold text and bullet points, which are converted to asterisks and hyphens, respectively, when pasted into Teams. It is quite time-consuming to manually reformat the text in Teams to restore the original formatting.

To improve the user experience, I would like to suggest an enhancement: providing an option to copy text as Rich Text Format (RTF) instead of Markdown. This feature would allow users to preserve text formatting when copying and pasting between different applications, saving time and effort.

I believe this enhancement would be beneficial to many users who rely on ChatGPT for their daily tasks and communications. Thank you for considering my suggestion. I look forward to any future updates that might address this issue.