Feature request: GPTs commiting and using GitHub

Hi there.

I use custom GPT for a Software Project. Right now I have to activate the Run Code Option for the GPT to handle the Project files. When having a discussion with the GPT I send it a .ZIP File which contains my project, GPT works in it and then provides an updated .zip for me to Download.

This works quite Okay. But: as the Project gets bigger in size I dont want to send the complete .ZIP as it gets bigger due to Images, Sounds etc. I have several Specialized GPTs working in the Project and in Order to make Things smoother IT would be great to have an (easy) solution like giving My GPTs Access to My GitHub so that the GPTs can Download only the files they have to Work on. When their Work IS done they could commit the Changes.

Is there a way to implement this? I guess IT could be handled through function calling, but that seems to be quite a hassle.

I Bet that such a functionality would increase use cases for many GPT Users and make their life easier.

Please implement native Support for GitHub. :+1::+1::+1: