Feature Request for chatGPT

Would the communtiy like to see a voice feature, where they can play out the output chatGPT produces, in an AI like voice?


Yeah, that’s one of the highly requested feature, i truly want to see in ChatGPT

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Definitely, but it would be even more fun if chatGPT can translate and read between the lines of what woman say so that a man can understand what they are speaking. This sounds like a joke, but if you were in a relationship, then you know how serious this is. I am almost getting a divorce due to this. this feature can help many lives.

Absolutely! I have tried so many text-to-speech platforms, none of them are good enough in the AI age. Their pronunciations are perfect, but are completely emotion-free and sentiment-dry. You upload a eulogy and a wedding speech. The tones of the speeches are identical. Well, for some, a wedding may indeed feel like a funeral. But, most of us really want to have a more cheerful tone at our weddings.

Technically, I think text-to-speech is even more challenging than speech-to-text, and would be ideal for AI leaders like OpenAI.