Feature request: enable true hands-free voice conversations with a custom delay setting

The voice interface + custom instructions is a powerful tool for socratic learning.

The app begins responding too quickly for users who… think about… their words more… carefully. The result is that the model begins responding before the user has completed their voice input.

In the mobile app, we can currently hold down the circle to suppress input submission. However, this requires a physical task.

Would like to request that this response delay be exposed as a variable in the UI, say 1-10s. This would enable users to leave the app running nearby while they multitask, using the app as a personal socratic tutor or learning oracle, without requiring that they physically touch the device to suppress input submission until they’re finished speaking.

This would allow us to leave it running while driving, exercising, etc. We could multitask and combine learning with other activities.

The benefit would be significant, and I imagine this would be low-hanging fruit: add a new voice response delay setting, store it for the user, and then load it if exists before submitting the response when in voice mode.

Thanks for considering!


Same need for language learning. I’m considerably slower in my second language, and am often getting cut off mid-sentence.

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