Feature Request: Categorization and Bookmarking of Chat Conversations

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am writing to suggest a new feature for ChatGPT that I believe would significantly enhance user experience: the ability to categorize and bookmark conversations. This feature would help users organize and revisit their interactions more efficiently, especially for those who engage in extensive dialogues.

Feature Suggestions:

  1. Tagging System: Allow users to tag conversations with custom labels for easy retrieval.
  2. Search Functionality: Implement a search bar to find conversations by keywords or tags.
  3. Bookmarking: Enable a bookmark feature to quickly access important or frequently referenced chats.

On top of these features, I propose adding some advanced categorization and navigation features to ChatGPT to significantly improve user interaction and efficiency. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the suggested features:

  1. Automatic Categorization: Implement AI-driven analysis to automatically categorize conversations based on themes, query types, and sentiments. Allow users to accept, modify, or create new tags based on AI recommendations.
  2. Dedicated Category Management Page: Develop a dedicated interface where users can view all categories and summaries of conversations within each category. This page should include functionalities like editing category names, merging or deleting categories, and searching within categories.
  3. Conversation Summaries: Introduce automatic generation of concise summaries for each categorized conversation, highlighting main topics, key questions, and conclusions to provide quick insights into the conversation’s content.
  4. Visual Relationships and Context Mapping: Add visual tools such as network diagrams or tree maps to illustrate the relationships and context between various conversations, aiding users in understanding complex topics and extensive dialogue histories.

These features would not only improve navigational ease but also increase the overall productivity of users by allowing them to efficiently manage their interactions.


Yes!!! This!!! I am trying to figure out a way to categorize my chats, bookmarks or tags would be wonderful, or a way to create folders and placing the chats in the folders… I tried asking ChatGPT to search my previous chats to find any that specifically mentioned “rooster”, I had been trying for days to get it to create an image in a specific style of a rooster head, I have multiple separate chats on this subject. ChatGPT told me it couldn’t find any previous chats with that word. I told it that was incorrect, so it went back and found a reference to a recipe I discussed a couple of months ago… I was sitting here LOOKING at the chats that were specifically about rooster head graphics…

This will definitively improve user experience in Chat GPT app. Many users are feeling the same way. I have also raise a similar feature request. Hopefully in near future we will see this in action :slight_smile: