Feature Request: Bookmark Responses

Feature Request: Bookmark Responses in ChatGPT


Introduce a feature that allows users to bookmark specific responses from ChatGPT for easy future reference. This feature would add a new “Bookmarks” section to the sidebar of the ChatGPT interface.


Users often have long and detailed conversations with ChatGPT, spanning multiple topics. There can be important or useful responses that users would want to revisit later. Currently, the option to quickly access these particular responses is not available.

Proposed Feature:

  1. Bookmark Icon: Next to each response from ChatGPT, a small bookmark icon would be displayed. Clicking this icon would bookmark the response.

  2. Sidebar Section: A new section called “Bookmarks” would be added to the sidebar.

  3. List of Bookmarks: Within the “Bookmarks” section, users would see a list of their bookmarked responses. Clicking on a bookmark would scroll the chat to the relevant response.

  4. Persistence: The bookmarks should be persistent across different sessions for registered users.

  5. Management: Users should be able to remove bookmarks individually or clear all bookmarks at once.

Use Cases:

  1. A developer wants to revisit coding advice or snippets provided by ChatGPT.
  2. A student wants to review explanations for complex topics discussed earlier.
  3. A creative writer wants to return to plot or character ideas suggested by ChatGPT.


  1. Enhances user experience by offering quick access to valuable or favorite responses.
  2. Encourages users to engage more with the platform, knowing that important information can be easily revisited.

Potential Challenges:

  1. Implementing persistence for bookmarks could require additional backend development.
  2. User Interface changes need to be intuitive to not disrupt the existing user experience.


The “Bookmark Responses” feature would make the ChatGPT interface more user-friendly and valuable, as users would be able to save and quickly navigate to important or favorite responses.

  • And, yes, ChatGPT wrote this feature request :slight_smile:

There is a chrome extension that already provide this feature, you can find it on chrome webstore it’s called BookmarkGPT

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