Exposed action schemas and chat content

So not only are custom instructions easily hacked, but now there is also a website that exposes action schemas and, if you accidentally start tracking your GPT, stores the content of the chats. This is insane. Everyone should just stop developing and just steal other people’s work.

What is the website that is doing this?

Custom instructions I don’t think were ever meant to be IP. That being said, I do find that bizarre that a site is collecting chat data, especially if its without consent.

It should also be noted that action schemas are exactly that; they’re typically schemas representing a public API endpoint, but catered to large language models. Any private or proprietary information should be beyond that endpoint. Although that’s not to say I agree with people retrieving those action schemas. I can’t help but to shake that it does seem rather sus, because even if you did create your own endpoint, this could escalate to some DDoS vulnerabilities many are likely not prepared for.

yeah, if you could post the website in whatever way you can that would be appreciated.