Export Chat History, a suggestion

Hey, I would like to ask the team to review this suggestion. I propose that we add an option to either export chat or save chat.

How would it work?
This feature could be implemented as a button that I can press to request GPT for the migration or saving of the chat. GPT would then send me a downloadable file containing the chat history. Subsequently, I can use that file to transfer the conversation to another channel, and the history of that conversation will be retained in the new channel. Alternatively, instead of providing a file to download, ChatGPT can generate an ID and Password that allows access to the chat history.

Why implement this?
1- What if I want to upgrade my chat from GPT-3 to GPT-4 or vice versa?
2- What if I was on someone else’s account and would like to continue the discussion privately on my personal account?
3- To prevent loss of progress in conversations, allowing users to pick up where they left off.
4- To share conversations with other people, creating useful templates for specific responses from ChatGPT, streamlining multiple conversations.

By incorporating this feature, we can address these scenarios and offer users greater flexibility and control over their conversations.

Welcome to the forum, this feature is already implemented, you can download your entire chat history from the site.

Go to your ChatGPT settings (3 dots next to your email address in the bottom left)

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