Essential ideas for phone apps

  • option to change playback speed when app is Speaking to you
  • highlight words when app is Speaking to you
  • an app dedicated to developers using API
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The app dedicated to developers using the API is the playground.

Your ideas regarding the app are nice.

Hello Vb,

Thank you for your prompt response. Essentially, I’m reaching out to suggest specific enhancements to chat-gpt and the API section, with a focus on improving accessibility and learning efficiency.

I propose the introduction of a user dashboard that not only provides analytics on expenditure but also incorporates a speak-type functionality for accessing the documentation audibly. This feature is particularly important to me due to a severe brain injury I sustained, which has made focusing and reading extensively challenging.

The ability to consume documentation through audio would not only make the API more accessible to individuals with similar challenges but would also enable me to learn and utilize the API much more efficiently. Audio assistance could significantly reduce the learning curve, allowing me, and many more I assume, to better leverage the full potential of OpenAI’s offerings.

Your help at relaying these enhancements to the team would be greatly appreciated. Thank you greatly if you could pass the message onto the team, or help me do that.

Best regards,

Alfie Nurse

  • playback-speed changer for chat-gpt speak functionality
  • API app with documentation speak reading functionality
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and forgot to also put:

  • dynamic highlighting of chat-gpt response words, while speaking it out

Thanks for sharing your perspective and needs with the community!
Maybe this thread will have some interesting ideas for you as well, as I believe there is a bit of overlap with your needs:

We always welcome community members with different backgrounds!