Errors after June 6 when accessing ChatGPT

After the news of July 6, I started having problems with the API.
Almost every answer ends with: I'm sorry, but I can't generate that story for you. or The server is overloaded or not ready yet
Anyone faced the same problem? Until June 6, everything worked :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the forum!

Can you post your API calling code? That does not look like a typical OpenAI error.

You have two separate issues it seems:

  1. you’re submitting unacceptable prompts that the AI is trained not to answer;
  2. “the server is overloaded”


  1. You can pass the prompt input to the safety moderation endpoint first, and get a score that you can reject yourself instead of sending the policy violation to the AI and ultimately getting warning emails or terminations from OpenAI for unacceptable patterns;

  2. You can handle server-side problems yourself, either report the situation and ask the user if they want to retry, or retry a few times yourself while updating the user, even submitting to different gpt models for a fallback. Your code should be tolerant and handle the many types of API errors and HTTP reasons that can be returned.

It seems to me that the reason for my errors is GPT-4, which is now available through the API. 2 days ago with the same code everything worked