Error uploading files from frontend into Assistant API (BadRequestError: 400 'file' is a required property)

I am attempting to create a frontend upload interface to upload files into the Assistant API. However, I am constantly getting the same error 400.

If I don’t use a frontend and just put in the path of the files into the backend, I don’t get the error.

Could someone help point me to where I am making the mistake?

Thank you so much!


uploadBtn.addEventListener('click', uploadFiles);

async function uploadFiles() {
    const input = document.getElementById('uploadFilesInput');
    const files = input.files;
    const formData = new FormData();

    for (const file of files) {
        formData.append('files', file);

    try {
        const response = await fetch('/upload-files', {
            method: 'POST',
            body: formData
        const result = await response.json();
        chatResponse.textContent = result.message;

    } catch(error) {
        console.error('Error upload files: ', error);

Backend'/upload-files', upload.array('files'), async (req, res) => {
    try {
        //Create File Stream
        const files = => toFile(fs.createReadStream(file.path)));

        //Upload files into created vector store
        await openai.beta.vectorStores.fileBatches.uploadAndPoll(, { files });

        //Update assistant to use uploaded file
        await openai.beta.assistants.update(, {
            tools: [{ type: 'file_search'}],
            tool_resources: {
                file_search: { vector_store_ids: []}

        res.json({ message: 'Files uploaded successfully. '});

    } catch (error) {
        console.error('Error uploading files: ', error);
        res.status(500).json({ message: 'Failed to upload files.' })