Assistant can't access the file id

I am uploading a .pdf file. The file is getting uploaded but I’m facing error. Would really appreciate any help.

Hello there!

So, from a quick glance, it looks to me like a bad request error because either you’re sending an invalid file type to the model, or the API request you’re calling the model from is off. My guess is the latter.

I think the way you’re creating the file for assistants might be wrong, if the first image is how you built it here:

const file_n = await openai.files.create({
     purpose: "assistants",
     file: files,

When I look over at the API docs, this is how I see the format:

from openai import OpenAI
client = OpenAI()

assistant_file = client.beta.assistants.files.create(
  • you’re using openai.files.create() instead of client.beta.assistants.files.create()
  • replace purpose with assistant_id. This means you need to create the assistant before you create the file. You can then pass the assistant as a reference if needed
  • file should be file_id and should subsequently pass the id name of the file.

See what happens when you modify it this way. I hope this helps!