Enhancing User Experience: Personalized Chat Organization Method in ChatGPT

I think it would be helpful to consider providing ChatGPT users with the ability to organize their chat history according to their preferences. This could involve rearranging chats based on personal relevance rather than just recency. Additionally, users might benefit from having separate folders or sections for different ChatGPT conversation use cases, such as general discussions, brainstorming sessions, or science-focused chats. This could enable users to manage their chat repository more effectively and potentially avoid unintentional mixing of preferences, ultimately leading to a more tailored and personalized experience for each specific use case. I could see this being especially useful down the road as token-availability expands.


I fully support this suggestion and would like to emphasize the importance of incorporating search functionality into ChatGPT’s chat organization features. In addition to organizing chats based on personal preferences and use cases, the ability to search for specific topics or contents within the chat history would significantly enhance productivity and information retrieval. As conversations accumulate and token-availability expands, having a robust search feature would empower users to quickly locate relevant discussions, retrieve specific information, and efficiently navigate their chat repository. By combining chat organization and search capabilities, ChatGPT can offer a comprehensive solution for managing and leveraging conversational knowledge effectively.

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This is one of the things that I currently miss the most in ChatGPT. It becomes very cumbersome to find previous chats.

I must say that ideally, we could have a folder-based system like in Obsidian, allowing us to re-arrange the chats as desired.

Is there any chance of this happening? Maybe some Chrome extension by a third-party?

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This functionality will make my life much easier.

Fully support the suggestion

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