Enhancing ChatGPT Android app with voice widget

i everyone :slight_smile: I was wondering if we could get an Android widget for ChatGPT to activate voice conversations from the home screen?

Additionally, on my Samsung S22 Plus, I can configure the side button to open any app with key presses - I wish that could be a voice ChatGPT.

What do you guys think about this?


Yes! This!
An easier way to start a conversation when I’m out working and I have my headphones in.

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it would be absolutely great and comfortable.

It’s available now. Hold the ChatGPT’s icon, and you’ll see ‘Voice’; hold it down and drag it to the home screen. Voila! One tap to talk.

Note: I’m using a Pixel, so maybe this is some kind of Vanilla Android thing (if it doesn’t work for you).

Now, the most interesting part: you can set Quick Tap (double-tap at the back, again only on Pixel) to open this shortcut more quickly. Just double-tap, and it will instantly open up ‘Voice’ shortcut.

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