Engine not found

I keep getting an error - InvalidRequestError: Engine not found
For a fine tuned model.

The fine tuned model shows in playground and also runs when I run
openai api completions.create -m curie:ft-llc-2022-02-16-18-45-48 -p <YOUR_PROMPT>

But it doesnt work with the Python API.

Is there some sort of a limit put on this that it will work only in playground and through CLI till we go live?

Hello @ashish1, welcome to the OpenAI Community!

Edit: Please see the below post from @luke with the solution to the problem you’re experiencing! I haven’t dabbled with fine-tuning yet so I don’t know the parameters.

Hi! It sounds like you’re referencing an ‘engine’ when calling your fine-tuned model. If you switch this to ‘model’ it should work as expected. (This is admittedly confusing and we hope to simplify soon!)


Thanks that does the trick