Encountered an Assistant API error when using a specific message

I received a server error when running an assistant with certain instructions. Could the problem be related to my instructions? Interestingly, when using the same instructions but with a different message sent to the assistant, it was successful. The last error message indicates a server error with the code ‘server_error’ and the message ‘Sorry, something went wrong.’ The status is marked as ‘failed.’

The quality and ability of the instruction or user message in combo can certainly cause a failure.

The assistants feature can have the AI write external function to retrieval, to code interpreter, to run autonomously, where you don’t see what is happening, or it can be something where the assistant backend itself has just failed. The lack of ability to debug or get a useful error - while the AI has been operating at your expense - can be quite frustrating.

You can get the run steps from the API to try to figure out what went wrong, but that also is opaque.