Embedding model type error

Trying to embed the text data with csv file.
df[‘Description’] = df[‘Description’].fillna(‘’)

title = df[‘Title’]
des = df[‘Description’]
author = df[‘Author’]

def get_embedding(text: str, model=“text-embedding-ada-002”) → list[float]:
return client.embeddings.create(input=[text], model=model)[“data”][0][“embedding”]

embedding = get_embedding(des, model=“text-embedding-ada-002”)

TypeError: Object of type Series is not JSON serializable

Please help with this issue.
I tried to fix it with ChatGPT but could not solve this.

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

def has to be a json array of strings, a dataframe is a more complex object. have you tried turning it into a list first?

Yes, tried ‘tolist()’ and json.dumps, pickle.dumps.

This works for me:


Oh, it works after done ‘tolist()’.
But for now, I need to reduce the number of tokens…

Thank you so much.

By any chance do you know how to embed by dividing it into several times?

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np :slight_smile:

Yeah! instead of an array you can just pass the string to be embedded. Put that in a loop! don’t forget to add exponential backoff (double the wait time between retries with every subsequent failure) so you don’t hit the rate limiter too often.

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