Easiest way to implement an Assistants API chatbot?

I’d like to implement a simple chatbot to demonstrate a service to a client.

It’s like a custom GPTs.
I tested it via GPTs and it works well.
I input the custom instruction and domain knowledge files into the GPTs.

But I do not want to reveal ChatGPT user interface, because my service is not OpenAI’s.
So, I’d like to show a simple chatbot with my logo.

Where can I build the chatbot as easy as possible?
I am looking for a service that provides server, url and chat interface.
And to put the domain knowledge files and the custom instruction, I want to use Assistant API.

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Are you looking for this to be a web interface or an app? Do you have any coding experience?

I would recommend using a tool that already exist like OpenAssistantGPT with this type of tool you can easily create a chatbot for your website using the assistant API.

If you have coding skills you can look at the vercel/ai sdk!

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