Can you put instructions in the plugin manifest?

I’ve just built a basic to do list plugin, it can add/delete/modify items but I’m trying to get it to abide by a specific format. Is the AI Description meant to actually do anything? No matter what I put it seems to ignore it. For example I want it to start each item with a number or to put the due dates in a different section but I cannot seem to find out a way of doing this without putting it in my actual prompts. Is there anyway to give it an instruction from the manifest for conventions it has to follow when using an API?

The only way I could achieve specific formatting is to send back a text response and prior to the text blob include instructions like “ChatGPT you will display the following text verbatim and without alterations: XXXXX”.

You can also try to include formatting information in the OpenAPI Spec “description” fields for endpoints.

The manifest file itself doesn’t seem to control any model behaviors. It seems to be used only for “help” information about the plugin when a user wants the model to describe what a plugin does.

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That is a shame. It would be great if there was a way for it to be given rules on how it is to act when using a plugin. It defeats the point if the user has to include the instructions in all of their prompts

I didn’t say the end user has to place the formatting instructions in their prompt. Your plugin can instruct ChatGPT in its response on how to display the data.

That won’t work with POST requests though will it? I’m wanting to give it a bit more guidance on how it saves things to the application.