Dutch language translation context/word issues

Using Chat Gpt is inspiring! I can chat in Dutch. This is very encouraging. At the same time some typical Dutch words in certain contexts are misunderstood. Is this because the main language is English? Do you need feedback on this or will it be tackled step by step. Jo

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I think the model will get better on other language eventually.
This is not a problem in GPT, many translation models have the same problem as well.
A possible solution is to tell GPT the right meaning of the words in the context ahead of time.
I don’t know Dutch to test it out, but maybe you test that out and see if it get you better results?

Hi Jo, do you consider Chat gtp more accurate than Google translate?
Thanks Chris

Hi, absolutely, in the sense that Google is rubbish and in Chat gtp I work directly in Dutch which is according to me perfect, as far as I used it up to now. Just one example for context and words, as an exception: In Dutch family law language and notary language, these days we speak about “koude uitsluiting”, which means, when you marry, you exclude the other from all your assets. This could be done vice versa. The machine did not pick this up. I could be also due to my poor instruction for the machine. Apart from that, being a president of Epecs.eu we use Deepl.com to translate texts in the 4 languages we use on the website. If you have any question additionally, let me know, hope my input is helpful.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Jo Maes, 0622956068

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Dear Jo, thanks for the quick and useful feedback. My company translates medical training into various languages. I do recall struggling with Flemish as Google doesn’t translate this. If gtp is more accurate at least it reduces the number of corrections.

Thanks Chris