Duplicate function for customized GPTs?

Hi, I just created a few customized GPTs.

I think OpenAI did an awesome job and we should be forever grateful.

I was wondering if there could or will eventually be a function where we could duplicate our model, to use it like a template to build new ones instead of starting over.

Thanks. Martin Pham Dinh


You could always just copy the text from the “Configure” tab, that’s how I’ve been duplicating mine and my assistants.

As far as I’m aware that’s really all the GPTs are, custom instructions with files and functions attached.

I’ve been doing the same thing. I am just lazy LOOL.

Ut oww, they are multiplying. :fearful:

Yes! Let’s have a “duplicate” right here please. And @trenton.dambrowitz copy-pasting is not a solution really - when you have multiple actions and files included they take a long time to copy/paste :innocent:

Here’s to hoping :crossed_fingers:


The problem with this is if you’ve got instructions, and a lot of uploaded knowledge files, you then have to manually upload all the files to go with the instructions