Downloading does not work

Subject: Issue with Downloading Edited File with Illustrations from ChatGPT


I am experiencing an issue with downloading an edited file with illustrations from the ChatGPT platform. I have edited a document and added illustrations, but when I attempt to download it, I keep receiving an error message saying “An error occurred, please try again later.”

Here are the details:

  • File Name: JINA_RAS-improved-formatted.docx
  • File Location: On the ChatGPT platform’s server

Could you please look into this issue and help me gain access to the file? It is very important to me that I do not lose this edited file.

I would also like to receive a response at my email: [redacted by moderator]

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
Tomáš Kratochvíl

I also tried uploading the file to external storage, Dropbox or Google drive. But nothing works and chat gpt happy to contact support

Sorry to hear about that issue but we are in the developer support forum which is run by volunteers and we cannot provide the support you are requesting.

The only way forward to is to contact