Does the size of the data and openai api usage related?

I’m trying to build a chatbot that interacts with my own data by translating natural language questions into SQL queries and then querying the database to get the final answer. I’m using langchain to get the work done. Does the size (volume) of the database and the OpenAI API costs have any relationship?

Kind of I suppose. OpenAI costs are all about the length of the prompt and response. OpenAI isn’t directly interacting with your database, but is receiving schema/data from LangChain in the prompts. Turn on LangChain debugging to see the prompts its using. If your database is larger/more complicated you may be sending more schema info/data in the prompts, so costs would increase slightly.

if you ask how many apples do I have in stock and the database has 500 entries or 500,000 it won’t make any difference, but if you ask for a more complex result… it may take more tokens for the SQL query, the query will be ran once, not once per database entry.