How Are Tokens Counted?

  1. When submitting a request via API, am I being charged for the tokens of the PROMPT as well? Or only for the tokens used for the COMPLETION?

  2. Am I charged for my usage inside the playground?

  1. Prompt + Token

  2. Yes.

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So every time I hit the “Submit” button in the playground, the token size is accumulating?
For example, if AI writes a long essay and then I respond with “Thank you” and hit submit, I’m charged for the entire essay AGAIN because it’s included in my “prompt” (history)?

If you include it in the prompt - tokens will be used

Thats why people start to look at fine tuning - so you dont have to include examples with every request and can swap from few-shot to one-shot queries after effective training is achieved

Is there a way to estimate the cost (dollar) & token usage of a Playground test before I submit? If I have beginner users then will burn through my budget…