Does OpenAI handle abuse for me?

Hey, I recently noticed that when users of my app starting to abuse API, like sending some nonsense repeatedly - OpenAI starts to respond with HTTP 429 error code (limit exceeded) but it works for other users (so no actual restriction applied to all other requests), so I just want somebody to clarify this to me - do I need to implement any of my own restrictions/bans or it’s already handled by OpenAi so I can rely on their mechanism of protection from abuse? I won’t be banned if my users will continue to misuse an api?

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You will need to implement rate limiting yourself.


You will need to implement these features yourself, I highly encourage you to remember the “user” variable when sending requests, as it helps OpenAI to separate you from your user’s.

You can use the moderation endpoint to test of abuse and disallowed content, there’s more information here:

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