Protection from users violating OpenAI policies

Champs, when using your own (not the users’) API keys how do you protect yourself from sending something that violates OpenAI policies (and thus from getting banned)?

It’s not exactly clear what “your own (not the users’)” means, But if you use your own API key for yourself, there is no problem as long as you follow the usual terms of use.

If you are using your API key to allow your customers to use your chat or other services, please refer to the following link

safety best practices

moderation quickstart

The endpoint itself is free to use and its contents are not stored on the server.

I apologize if my answer is out of line.


Thanks a lot! Moderation quickstart link is just what I need :slight_smile:

Would it be OK for a moderator to close this topic?

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Sure, thanks, Eric :slight_smile:


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