Does OAuth option support PKCE?

Documentation for OAuth authentication option doesn’t talk about PKCE [1]. Given that, for example, Microsoft Identity Platform recommends/requires [2] PKCE parameters (code_challenge and code_challenge_method when obtaining auth-code; and code_verifier when exchanging auth-code for an access token (and/or refresh token)), are there any plans to support it?

[1] www .rfc-editor .org/rfc/rfc7636
[2] learn .microsoft .com/en-us/azure/active-directory/develop/v2-oauth2-auth-code-flow#request-an-authorization-code

*unfortunately can’t include non-openai .com links in the post

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I’m also curious about this as I am using an oAuth setup that turns on PKCE by default.

I have been getting code challenge required error, so I presume that GPT Actions does not support PKCE