Does hosting fine-tuned models cost?

I’m fine-tuning gpt3.5-turbo with my own dataset.
I’m just wondering if after fine-tuning, the fine-tuned model is charged for hosting? (I assume after finetuning, the fine-tuned model is hosted on openai cloud).
Thank you.


Fine tuning models are hosted at no charge.

Do you have a reference for that? I know that on Microsoft Azure Cloud, they charge it, and it’s pretty expensive.

There is simply no entry in the price list for hosting of fine tuned models, I assume they build that into the inference costs as an average.

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It costs quite a bit more per 1k tokens to run fine-tuned models using OpenAI vs Azure OpenAI.

I actually ran a simplified version of the numbers, and until about 500 million tokens, OpenAI is cheaper than Azure OpenAI. After that, it’s Azure OpenAI all the way. That was before last week though, I need to update my analysis with OpenAI’s latest price changes.