Does gpt4 cause curl error 28? plz help me

I searched the internet for days to solve cURL error 28 but all my attempts failed.

I modified various settings in the php.ini file and restarted Apache and PHP but none of these changes made a difference

Is this a server problem? Or is it a problem with the plugin that developed the api? Or is it an openAI issue?

May I know a solution to this? Please help me.

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That’s a time-out error, I believe.

Do you have a valid, working API key? Can you hit the API endpoints for any model on command line? Is playground working for you on the openAI website?

What’s your code look like?

You can specify how long you want to wait for a response with CURLOPT_TIMEOUT.


$seconds = 90;
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, $seconds );

The API is still pretty slow, depending on input tokens and complexity of your request it can take minutes to get a response.


Thank you all very much for replies. Fortunately I solved this. This was completely a server issue. I contacted AWS for support, updated the latest PHP version and SQL version, fixed the firewall, and the problem was resolved.


Thanks for coming back to let us know!

Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great community growing.

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