Does fine-tuning a fine-tuned model consume the original model?

Does fine-tuning a fine-tuned model (e.g., GPT-3 Babbage) consume the original model, or does it create a copy? I’d like to explore fine-tuning my existing model; however, I don’t want to lose access to said original model.


Here’s what docs say about this:

If you have already fine-tuned a model for your task and now have additional training data that you would like to incorporate, you can continue fine-tuning from the model. This creates a model that has learned from all of the training data without having to re-train from scratch.

I tested it on my end as well and in my experiment it ended up creating a new fine-tuned model, which is ofc the fine-tuned version of the previous fine-tuned model.
Here’s screenshot of the model list. I fine-tuned the model marked in red to and got a new fine-tune (marked in green).

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