Does anyone know why I have to be verified as human for every conversation and each verification is 10 actions, is it purposely trying to reduce the efficiency of my use?

I really doubt it’s OpenAI’s problem in regards to Machine Learning. Or a bug.
They most likely set a threshold and if you fall below it you are given a captcha.

This would lead me to believe that one of your plugins is doing things that triggers anti-bot security. Using any privacy plugins like PrivacyBadger by any chance? It goes both ways. Why only for the moment? No idea.

With some captcha systems like Google ReCaptcha your score is universal. As in, the same score on PageX travels to PageY. It’s kind of creepy. So even changing browsers can trigger a captcha

And yes, I did read that you don’t have these issues anymore. It could be worth discussing regardless so other people can read and potentially find commonalities.

One of the common ways to check a bot is by seeing if they always enter a page with fresh settings (As testing frameworks typically discard all settings to guarantee the same run-through on the next testing run)

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Presented for your consideration…


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You are implying that the Arkose captcha is being used to identify bots/users who try to scam free credits?

It’s hard to consider anything based on this screenshot alone.

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The informed user will discover the script url for the captcha in this network log – which I blocked and the site still runs. If blocking and the challenge/response is still required by other code, then you could simulate it (up to the point where their server needs to get human mouse hovering and mouse clicks).

credit_grants is just another url.

Can I just say, you are so lucky and I hope your luck is contagious.

Thank you for accurately taking the screenshot for me, it’s the kind of screenshot that will allow me to let me answer 10 times per interaction before I’m allowed to continue the conversation with GPT-4.