Does anyone know what the "memory" tool is?

I was looking at a few GPTs for inspiration on making one and found a plugin called “personal finance” that has a tool called “memory” and doesn’t have any information on it. I can’t see anything in the docs about this, does anyone know how I can make a GPT with “memory” and what it does?

The code for the GPT is here: g-5gsUqmpGp-personal-finance

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I am assuming a new feature that is only rolled out for a few users for now. I did not find it in the settings for any new or existing GPTs.

Here is another thread about this - Your gpt can now learn from your chat

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“memory” with respect to a tool inside custom GPT is likely a specialized RAG endpoint, or some other DB store with retrievable context.

This is different, and is not something that we know of to be retrievable by custom GPTs (yet).

I would start by looking at retrievable Augmented generation. This would be a good place to start.

No, I am pretty sure that the post is referencing memory in the context of a new memory feature of custom GPTs:


It’s a mystery about OpenAI, as is the Mention feature, which doesn’t come together at all and isn’t clearly announced. I just got Mention today and haven’t tried it yet.

When I heard the word Memory, it made me do more research and the same explanation I got. That means there must be a way to make it happen.

You can add a 3rd party action which support memory to your GPT and can help you store or retrieve data anytime

Is it phenomena give all text from knowledge to GPTs from chat start right? I have noticed that this phenomenon occurs but not regularly. Accidentally found it during the proof of prompt enforcement of knowledge.

At that time, I will use the inject prompt when starting a chat and try to prevent it or not. Use files with various conditions. But there are times when GPTs come with messages that don’t require common knowledge of common usage. and displayed more than 1 file (never tested what the maximum is Sometimes the file is long. It doesn’t end the file so it has to be refreshed)

From a usability perspective, it would be nice if it actually remembered everything. But nowadays I rarely use knowledge unless necessary.

Thank you. is it can do action with my websit ? but I use GPTs knowledge from website instead of inserting built-in files directly and I haven’t studied doing Action yet.

Speaking of this, I shouldn’t have told “them” about it. A few days later, GPTs were restricted from using their website directly, as in the chat case I mentioned. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, what’s going on. Other users are in trouble because of me.

I think this post exemplifies how many new features are being spotted in the wild with a complete lack of communication from OpenAI on what precisely is going on lol.

At this point, all we can do is wait to hear an official word about some of this stuff.