Memory capacity in GPTs from the GPT Store

Good night! I would like to know if there are GPTs that have memory. That is: GPTs developed by users who have memory in different interactions. As I love to write, I have the problem that several GPTs do not have memory from one chat session to another and the truth is that it is quite annoying. That’s why I wanted to ask if it is something general, that memory is not activated in the GPTs. And if anyone knows of a good tool for developing lorebooks or generating novels, I would be grateful. Ideally it could be “remembered” between chat sessions
Thank you! Greetings from Uruguay!

Something like OAuth to serve as memory online? I get your idea but I have no idea if theres any got that have what you looking for

It’s possible by adding a function call with a prompt to let GPT call this before answering.Just like ChatGPT’s memory which’s call back memory at the begining of a conversation!