Do I need a fine tuning?

Hi, I am trying that the AI can rewrite texts using other words but keeping the meaning of that texts.
I found weeks ago a configuration that in theory is for that, but it does not work well, sometimes it gives the expected result, in others it returns the same text and in others nothing or gibberish.
I also have the doubt that if I am going to send examples for each paragraph that I want to rewrite, it will become expensive.
Given these circumstances, I wonder if it is best to do a fine tuning, or maybe there is another solution that I have not thought of.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

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offering a few shot will help to improve the returns.

Yes, finetuning is so you can save money in the long run by baking in the prompts / examples instead of resending them every time.

I never tried mixing “instruction” prompts together with “interactions” while fine-tuning. Does it work well together?

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