Fine tuning Davinci01 or prompting Davinci03

Hi all

I am working on a simple copy writing app and I am wondering what’s the most efficient option:

Prompting davinci03
Or fine tuning davinci01

I have a dataset of 20-25 entries (prompt-completion)


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You might not have enough samples in your dataset for fine-tuning, so I would try a two-shot (give two examples in your prompt)…

Hope that helps!

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@PaulBellow is correct.

Prompting is the way, unless you have a large dataset and request volume, where the economics would support fine-tuning


Thank you. I should have a dataset of 200 - 300 entries. It’s a series of Q&A about a specific topic that GPT3.5 doesn’t “know.”

What parameters: Temperature, Top P, Frequency, and Presence, should I use to force the system to be more deterministic and compliant with the fined-tuned model?