Display (Ratings - Conversations VALU ) in website

how can i display some data (Ratings - Conversations VALU ) from the gpt model in my website ?
Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

You may see this SAMPLE

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actually I want it to display the data when I add the gpt address to a part of my website!

I don’t know exactly whether it should be received (rating and convertions value) from the (about sections of gpt page) or from somewhere else!!!
I want to use a dynamic code when needed in the articles of the website and show the same information , like this :

[gpt_master_information url=“https chatgpt com/g/g-NdDdtfZJo-gpt-shield”]

thanks / شكرًا

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I tried your codes, but it seems that the information is not displayed dynamically From GPT addres page