[DISCONTINUED] ChatGPT for your Google Drive

UPDATE: We have discontinued Google Drive integration and decided to focus on building AI Agents for customer service teams. Visit our website for more info.

Hi everyone,

We are currently working to integrate ChatGPT with your Google Drive and allow you to ask questions through Slack. You can choose which folders you want to use. Access management will be automatically inherited, so your teammates can only ask questions about data they have access to. Let me know if you would like to become an early adopter!

For now, you can test our solution by manually downloading and uploading PDF files (multiple files are supported). At the moment, 15 questions a month are free. Try it out!



Nice. Sounds useful.

Welcome to the forum. Hope you stick around.

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Definitly. I loved seeing how active this community is!

Dear community, I am excited to announce that we have launched the alpha version for Google Drive integration! Now, you can connect your Google Drive and ask company-specific questions. Additionally, you can invite your colleagues, enabling your team to receive quick and precise answers to any questions they may have. For further information, please watch this video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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Hey guys, we added Slack integration. Now you can ask your questions directly from Slack. The installation is super easy and doesn’t require complex configuration. More info here: Seamlessly Integrate Notion, Dowork.ai, and Slack for Streamlined HR Communication: A Step-by-Step Guide | Dowork.ai Help Center

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Thank you for sharing this. Is this based on GPT 4 or 3?

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It is currently based on GPT-3.5 but we will add GPT-4 support in a week.

I want to be an yearly adopter.

My situation is that I make price inquires about certain products and transports and only make an offer based on the best solution or price at that time, so I only have data on the best option at that time.

I want to be able to upload all my Gmail to drive and use your solution to ask questions like, “based on my previous emails who would most likely be able to offer me this product with X dimension”.

I have 10 of thousands of emails and everybody offer in many differently ways so it’s hard and not very funny to search manually.

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Sent you a DM. Happy to discuss further steps there.

I just saw the demo, good job my friend! The UI is nice and clean, as far as functionality goes you hit it right on the mark. We’ll be keeping an eye on dowork!

PS: If I were asked to add my two cents, it would be dark mode please LOL

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Thanks for your feedback. We are constantly updating our platform. We are planning to add more connectors so please stay tuned.

Will consider adding dark mode!

Hi mushegh,

Interesting tool! We have thousands of Google docs in Google Drive of texts we write for clients. I’ve been looking for a way to chat with that content to get direct info but also to analyse. For example, to analyse the tone of voice of a specific client to use in new content. Just an example.

So, I am very interested in trying the tool out one of these days.



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Hi @ericvhall,

Please give it a try and let me know in case of any questions. You can reach me at [my email]


Thanks for your response @mushegh. How can I give it a try?

Just go to dowork.ai and click “Try with your data”.

When trying to connect gdrive, I get:

This application is blocked
This app has tried to access confidential information. Google has stopped this access to protect your account.

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Talking of which, Google Drive, I mean. I’ve had some joy today with SheetJS CE in VSCode using Node.js require(‘xlsx’). It writes an Excel (xlsx) file directly to my Google Drive.

My mini app queries both Bard (bard-api-node) and OpenAi’s Davinci Api with the same prompt and writes their responses to an xlsx which in turn is picked up and converted into Google Sheet format by Apps Script and stored in a pivot table.

I’ll add to this, no doubt, with models from NlpCloud.com such as ‘bart-large-cnn’, ‘finetuned-gpt-neox-20b’ and/or their own chatdolphin. Spoilt for choice really!

Hi @Touloulou , our app is currently under review by Google Drive. It’s functioning for most users, but you might have extra security features enabled, which could be causing issues for you.

Hello, in my case even a provided public(!) Link to Google Drive can‘t be accessed by chatGPT. I have tried with different plugins but with no success. Sad!

I heard in a chat that you can access google docs with the WebPilot Plugin.