Difficulty testing plugins with server running locally

I’m trying to test the plugin that I’ve built. Trying to do it locally first to get a sense of how it works, but I am unable to pass the initial verification for /openapi.yaml because its making a https request instead of http. The first /.well-known/ai-plugin.json request is made in http, however. Is this intended?

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In general, as everything uses https these days I got a cert for my localhost and installed it, you can ask GPT for the instructions to do so. I think the well known check tests for both.

Are you using flask or cors, or are there any pre-flight errors in Chrome that might be trying to upgrade to https to resolve related errors? Check to see if elsewhere in deve tools you have other error messages perhaps.

Thanks guys, figured it out. I was being dumb and pointed my api to https instead of http in ai-plugin.json.


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Hello, @kenny.pee.dev
So to test the plugin locally, we should give the url like this?

"url" : "http://localhost:5000"


"url": "https://localhost:5000"