Difficulty retrieving similarity search

Is there any way how can I get relevant vectors retrieval to answer the users query?? I am facing difficulty in the below example

user: There is a printer problem
assistant: Sure can you select the below options which suits your problem? A. red light B, green light, C. yellow light
user: option B
assistant: Sorry I don't know the answer

In the above example when user ask the first query it retrieve the relevant vectors from the DB and and provides the choices to the user.
Now when user only answers with the option it again performs the similarity search but it retrives non-relevant vectors.

So my problem is how do I fix this.
There is one solution to this HyDE but I think that works only with the general knowledge questions

Any help would be acknowledged. Thank you

Is this all occurring in the same thread?

Yes in the same thread. I just want to know how can I retrieve similairity result considering the chat history too.

Reformat the next user message to create a query that mentions the relevant text by aggregating the text (printer problem with a green light)


Can you please elaborate more on it ? I want to know how can we do that