Did I Make Any Errors in Training my ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo-1106 Model?

Hey everyone, I trained my chatgpt 3.5 turbo-1106 model using the data like in the following example:

{"messages":[{"role":"system","content":"Upon receiving a JSON object from the user, which includes the {PROMPT}, {SOURCE_LANG}, and {TARGET_LANG}, your task is to generate a rich set of dialogue-oriented sentences in the {SOURCE_LANG}. These sentences should be designed to mimic real-life communication scenarios, thereby aiding users in improving their language skills.\nYour goal is to generate a maximum of 30 concise sentences that comprehensively cover the given topic. Each sentence should be crafted to be brief, clear, and suitable for dialogues. The sentences should not be mere instructions or answers, but rather they should be phrased as if they are part of a conversation.\nFor example, if the topic is \"How to order food at a restaurant\", the sentences should be phrased as if they are part of a conversation between a customer and a waiter.\nOnce the sentences in the {SOURCE_LANG} are ready, translate them into the {TARGET_LANG}. It\u2019s important to ensure that the order of the translated sentences matches the order of the original sentences.\nFinally, the output should be a JSON object containing the following keys: sentences (an array of sentences in {SOURCE_LANG}), translated_sentences (an array of translated sentences in {TARGET_LANG}), topic (the topic in {SOURCE_LANG}), and translated_topic (the translated topic in {TARGET_LANG})."},{"role":"user","content":"{\"PROMPT\":\"I want to book an hotel room\",\"SOURCE_LANG\":\"en-US\",\"TARGET_LANG\":\"fr-FR\"}"},{"role":"assistant","content":"{\"sentences\":[\"Hello, I'd like to make a reservation for a hotel room.\",\"Could you please tell me the availability of rooms for the next weekend?\",\"I'm looking for a room with a nice view. Do you have any available?\",\"What types of rooms do you offer?\",\"Can I reserve a room with a double bed?\",\"I would prefer a non-smoking room, is that possible?\",\"Do you provide complimentary breakfast with the room?\",\"How much is a room per night?\",\"Are there any discounts available for booking multiple nights?\",\"Is there free Wi-Fi in the rooms?\",\"Can I have the room with a balcony?\",\"Do you offer room service?\",\"Is there a gym or pool in the hotel?\",\"I'll need a parking spot as well. Is parking included?\",\"Are pets allowed in the hotel room?\",\"What is the hotel's cancellation policy?\",\"I need to make a change to my reservation.\",\"Could you please send me the confirmation by email?\",\"What time is check-in and check-out?\",\"Is it possible to request an early check-in?\",\"I would like to pay with a credit card, which types do you accept?\",\"Can you accommodate special requests, like extra pillows?\",\"How far is the hotel from the airport?\",\"Do you have a shuttle service from the airport?\",\"Are there any restaurants or shops near the hotel?\",\"Can you tell me more about the hotel amenities?\",\"I would like a quiet room, away from the elevator.\",\"What is your hotel's star rating?\",\"Could you recommend any local attractions?\",\"I have finished making my reservation, thank you for your help.\"],\"translated_sentences\":[\"Bonjour, je souhaiterais r\\u00e9server une chambre d'h\\u00f4tel.\",\"Pourriez-vous me dire si vous avez des chambres disponibles pour le prochain week-end?\",\"Je cherche une chambre avec une belle vue. En avez-vous de disponibles?\",\"Quels types de chambres proposez-vous?\",\"Puis-je r\\u00e9server une chambre avec un lit double?\",\"Je pr\\u00e9f\\u00e9rerais une chambre non-fumeur, est-ce possible?\",\"Offrez-vous le petit d\\u00e9jeuner avec la chambre?\",\"Combien co\\u00fbte une chambre par nuit?\",\"Y a-t-il des r\\u00e9ductions disponibles si je r\\u00e9serve plusieurs nuits?\",\"Y a-t-il du Wi-Fi gratuit dans les chambres?\",\"Puis-je avoir une chambre avec un balcon?\",\"Proposez-vous un service de chambre?\",\"Y a-t-il une salle de sport ou une piscine dans l'h\\u00f4tel?\",\"J'aurai \\u00e9galement besoin d'une place de parking. Le parking est-il inclus?\",\"Les animaux sont-ils autoris\\u00e9s dans les chambres?\",\"Quelle est la politique d'annulation de l'h\\u00f4tel?\",\"Je dois apporter un changement \\u00e0 ma r\\u00e9servation.\",\"Pourriez-vous m'envoyer la confirmation par e-mail?\",\"\\u00c0 quelle heure sont le check-in et le check-out?\",\"Est-il possible de demander un check-in plus t\\u00f4t?\",\"Je souhaite payer par carte de cr\\u00e9dit, quels types acceptez-vous?\",\"Pouvez-vous prendre en compte des demandes sp\\u00e9ciales, comme des oreillers suppl\\u00e9mentaires?\",\"\\u00c0 quelle distance se trouve l'h\\u00f4tel de l'a\\u00e9roport?\",\"Avez-vous un service de navette depuis l'a\\u00e9roport?\",\"Y a-t-il des restaurants ou des boutiques pr\\u00e8s de l'h\\u00f4tel?\",\"Pouvez-vous me parler davantage des commodit\\u00e9s de l'h\\u00f4tel?\",\"Je souhaiterais une chambre calme, loin de l'ascenseur.\",\"Quelle est la classification de votre h\\u00f4tel?\",\"Pourriez-vous me recommander des attractions locales?\",\"J'ai termin\\u00e9 de faire ma r\\u00e9servation, merci pour votre aide.\"],\"topic\":\"I want to book a hotel room\",\"translated_topic\":\"Je veux r\\u00e9server une chambre d'h\\u00f4tel\"}"}]}

Can you please let me know if I made any mistakes? I already trained it and wanted to test it using the API with the following message:

[{"role":"user","content":"{\"PROMPT\":\"I want to travel to morocco\",\"SOURCE_LANG\":\"en-US\",\"TARGET_LANG\":\"fr-FR\"}"}]

The response I received is not the one I trained the model on. This is the response I got:

  "id": "chatcmpl-8jbhOdfoAmYTAq7Q7BeSIAIhxCq4A",
  "object": "chat.completion",
  "created": 1705880366,
  "model": "ft:gpt-3.5-turbo-1106:personal::8jb27O9z",
  "choices": [
      "index": 0,
      "message": {
        "role": "assistant",
        "content": "\"Je veux voyager au Maroc.\""
      "logprobs": null,
      "finish_reason": "stop"
  "usage": {
    "prompt_tokens": 36,
    "completion_tokens": 10,
    "total_tokens": 46
  "system_fingerprint": "fp_2dae0bfd7e"