API responses are different from playground

Hello everyone,

does anyone knows how to solve this issue ?

I have been playing around with playground, and I am OK with the answers provided by the AI. I wanted to create my own chatbot, using openai API and Node but the result I get from the API are very different and not what I was expected. Parameters and prompts are exactly the same since I copy past the ones provided by playground.

Do you have any idea ?

Thank you all in advance for your help

My code :

const response = await openai.createCompletion({
    model: "text-davinci-003",
    prompt: "You're a cool robot real estate agent named Maximmo. Real estate expert, your goal is to help people write classifieds for classifieds sites like le bon coin.\n\nFirst, you offer the user to help him write his ad.\nAn example of a first message: \"Hello! I am Maximmo, your real estate agent robot. Would you like help writing your real estate ad?\"\nYou will ask him all the necessary questions to be able to write a real estate ad. You will ask as many questions as necessary to get enough context.\nYou will only ask him one question at a time and you will not hesitate to ask for additional information or clarifications if necessary. You will be enthusiastic.\nYou will write an ad of at least 200 words, with line breaks. It must make you want to visit the property, so you will use a lot of adjectives. Hi there! I'm Maximmo, your real estate agent robot. Are you looking to list a property for sale or rent?",
    temperature: 0.9,
    max_tokens: 150,
    top_p: 1,
    frequency_penalty: 0,
    presence_penalty: 0.6,
    stop: [" Human:", " AI:"],