Developer's note that I found


just a general question. Have you seen a developer’s note inside the html code of official OpenAI website (not the beta one)? It’s just below the :slightly_smiling_face:
I opened the source code to make some changes and see how its looks like (mainly changing colors to pink and purple, I like to do it with YT, Facebook and OpenAI’s blog).

In the dev’s note you can see the OpenAI’s logo made of letters, numbers and other figures, the sentence “Solve impossible problems” and a link to careers. I’m curious if this is a kind of puzzles to solve or just a developer wanted to have fun :slight_smile:

Have anyone else seen that note inside the code?


I’ve definitely seen that earlier. Not sure if there are any easter eggs.

Found that out a tad bit ago here! Not sure if there’s meaning in the OpenAI ASCII logo itself, but I’m sure they welcome developers to explore and see what there is to build around here! :slight_smile:


Probably there’s no colouration but it reminds me this song:

It’s mainly because dev’s of Portal game made the similar things in their source code :slight_smile:
I’m thinking of building a website of my portfolio and create the similar thing inside the source code (for fun) and see who can find recognize it :rofl:

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Go for it! And share it when you deploy. Maybe even use codex while you’re on it.

I wonder if there are other easter eggs as well, this one is a fine one!

Now, when you go to the source code, it looks like this:
Zrzut ekranu 2022-04-07 142553
You have to click on that line to see the whole thing but something unexpected may happen…
Just kidding, I like chaos and rearranging stuff in a source code :smiley:

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There’s a similar Easter egg on the OpenAI 404 page too

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