Developer or business analyst

Hello community! Quick search, at your job who is responsible for prompt engineering? The developer or business analyst? Other?


Hi Bruno, welcome to the forum!

This is an interesting question, but I doubt you’ll find much consensus yet. It’s too new of a task for it to have been codified into any one particular role yet and too many people are using generative AI in too many different ways.

I suspect in the end it will largely depend on who is trying to do what.

My guess is right now “engineering” (I really hate that term because it denigrates real engineering and over-promises what can be done via prompting—I prefer prompt-crafting personally) prompts is something anyone and everyone who interacts with a model is responsible for doing on their own.

Regardless, I look forward to seeing what some of the other response end up being.


I completely agree, Jake.

We are perhaps still in the experimentation phase and trying to find the best topology for teams working with LLM.