Deciphering Code Interpreter's Session Costs

I would like to know what the payment method for code interpreter is since they mention charging per session but I don’t know what the session covers.

Without an exact reference it is hard to know what you are talking about.

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The thing is that in the Open AI pricing section they indicate the following:

I would like to receive more information about what session means.

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Could you clarify if you are using ChatGPT ( for your code interpreter sessions? If yes, this is already included in the GPT-Plus subscription you pay for.

Otherwise, can you confirm you’re using the API?

Yes, of course I use open ai, but I wanted to know more about what they mean by session, how long that session lasts or what it covers.

The question was if you are using ChatGPT or the API.

I have never seen that ChatGPT charges per session and is a flat monthly bill.
The API does have billing detail and yes your questions in that context make sense.

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If you are using ChatGPT (the one you can interact with through the below screen), it’s included in the GPT-Plus subscription. You don’t need to worry about being charged anything additional if you use this method.

The “session” pricing only applies to the API, which is accessed by making API calls through code. If this is the case, see the relevant documentation here. Below is a snippet from this page.

Code Interpreter is charged at $0.03 per session. If your Assistant calls Code Interpreter simultaneously in two different threads (e.g., one thread per end-user), two Code Interpreter sessions are created. Each session is active by default for one hour, which means that you only pay for one session per if users interact with Code Interpreter in the same thread for up to one hour.



The last reply covers the details of your questions.

Do you have more related questions?

Is it OK if a moderator closes this topic?

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Yes, it’s much clearer now.
Thank you so much.

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Happy New Year and good luck with code interpreter!

@EricGT good to close I think

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Sorry, have to have unequivocal response from OP. Sometimes the OP is thinking something and I don’t read minds.

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