Data processing with ChatGPT

Is it possible to use ChatGPT for data processing? I’m dealing with a large volume of open comments from a survey and I would like to use this tool (if possible) to automate the cleaning process and be able to identify third party statements.
If this is possible, what are the steps to take to be able to implement the process within the full dataset? Do you have any documentation that I can share with the developers?

Thanks in advance for your

Thanks in advance for your help


You would be better off using the API as it gives you much more control over everything. The other option if you are lucky is to develop a ChatGPT plugin but I don’t know any that do what you seek.

check the embeddings API. it sounds like what you need.

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Easy. create a loop of your dataset

foreach data in dataset
response = call.api.completion
do what you need to do

Thanks a lot for your reply.

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Hi, could you please expand your solution as I’m not a developer. Many thanks.

The API is a developer tool. To use the API to process data, you will have to first become (or find) a developer, and then learn how to specifically develop on top of the OpenAI API. There is, unfortunately, not really a shortcut.