DALLE3 highly biases characters wearing hijabs?

Hi everyone, I have been frequently using DALLE 3 API to generate images and I notice that the characters in the images generated are often wearing hijabs. I don’t have any against hijabs, but I’m seeing more than 50% of the characters are generated like so.

I’m curious if anyone else has also experienced something similar. I’m a new user so I can only post one image, but here’s an example of a prompt and image generated.

Prompt: “In a grocery checkout line, a woman with a radiant smile stands beside a shopping cart filled with fresh produce, her eyes sparkling with resilience as she shares her incredible story of survival and triumph, while you, slightly bewildered, offer a lighthearted remark that elicits a warm, genuine laughter from her”


Check out the link to the chat in this post. You will get an idea about why this is happening.

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If you prompt for any race but middle eastern those go away, adding racially/culturally specific elements (that are specifically not middle eastern) albeit minor also negates this happening most of the time.

No idea why this needs to be a thing, it’s not like they are pushing women being nuns through diversity. If I wanted that I could prompt for it myself.

all_the_time! it’s crazy weird. I’m also seeing about 50% of the men wearing turbins…